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- Day 1 - 10/03/2001 from 12:00 till 23:00

Location: Fear Factory
Weather: Rainy, around 10C
Band: Bob, Marc, Moses, Tom, Sven is missing, but will be here tomorrow. And Sebastian as engineer.
Ingredients: Coffee, Cookies, Butter cake with pudding, cigarettes, a dry bread roll (but only Tom!), three Fernet Brancas, some beer
Washing up: Tom (He's new in the band and trying to make an impression!)

The band is recording in the same room, in a magic circle, there's some leakage but not enough to get worried about. The bass is going directly into the mixer. Rough vocals for orientation are on as well. Started on "COLD OUTSIDE" around 13:00, after settings levels. Tom was playing the song for the first time. It took around three hours to get a good rhythm track down on tape. Bob played his Telecaster, Marc a Strat, Tom a Precision. Moses added a tambourine.

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