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w w w . k y n a s t . d e
- bikes with the Tijuana seal of approval. Site still under construction, but if Bob and the boys are always on tour, how can they get the site up and working?

w w w . x t r a c y c l e . c o m
- great friend of mine Ben Sarrazin, he'll make you sell your car and buy a Free Radical Bike, it's the only way to move. And you can carry a guitar on it as well! The guys are from California, but salsa-dancing Ben is the European rep and he's in Innsbrueck. This is the best bike company in the world because the bike is designed as a transport medium for the third world but it still looks cool! They also have a great line of stickers and goodies, including the "dream" sticker on Bob's Telecaster. Mail Ben and tell him to send you a sticker!

w w w . h p v e l o t e c h n i k . c o m
- here are Kirk and Paul at home, making recumbents for the adventurous under you. It's a different way to ride but I've just tried it and it was fun. We were in Vegas together, including a memorable trip to Zion National Park in Utah, together with Markus and Nicole from Riese and Mueller.

w w w . r - m . d e
- the folding specialists, Birdy - the best folding bike in the world, everything full suspension and a bunch of cool guys like Markus, Heiko and Gunnar. Check out the site.