h o m e : Cliff Barnes & the Fear of Winning

So listen to the music of cliff barnes and the fear of winning. “godsatwork” is the new cd a collection of songs that cry hope, desperation and vision. Without love there is no life, without the soul we are only empty shells of flesh trapped in a world of surprise and disappointment. Give us love and we are brave, peaceful and contented, take it away and we are mean, unhappy and just a little evil!

“godsatwork” starts with “hey be careful with that orange juice” a song about breaking up at the breakfast table, and ends with the sad news that “baby’s not in love” or maybe she is? In between we explore the mountains and gorges of love and hate. cliff barnes and the fear of winning have come a long way but somehow there’s still a cactus in the heart!

You know we’ve been away for a while, but in my humble opinion, the world is a better place with our music. You need us and we are here for you!

The album was recorded at the fear factory in osnabrueck, germany and mixed at temple studio in malta.

It was produced by marc praed and robert tijuana and mixed by marc praed.

The album will be realesed on ulftone records in november 2001.

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5.November 2001