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The Record That Took 300 Million Years To Make
(LP/CD Happy Valley Records - 1987)
Mexico/Crazy about Kinski/Roses/Nancy and Ronnie/Little Egypt/Sex/Big Stick Blues/Down Drinking at the Bar/I Married a Nymphomaniac/Sad Songs/No Ones got a Asshole like a Cowboy - Live/Meaning of Life*/Astronaut Live* (* = Cd only)

(LP/CD Happy Valley Records - 1988)
Down on the Strip/Thanks for all the Flowers/Jewels of Love/Domino/Baby wants to Boogie/Johnny in Reno 1954/Martha and Billy/Home Movies/Ill Heave You Up Momma/Allison Mackenzie/Crawling Up the Hill*/She Never Spoke Spanish to Me* (* = Cd only)

Whole Lotta Love
(Maxi 12 Inch, Happy Valley Records - 1988)
Whole Lotta Love/Crazy About Kinski/Blues in a Hotel Room

Heave You Up Momma
(Maxi 12 Inch, Happy Valley Records - 1989)
Ill Heave You Up Momma (Remix)/Thanks For All the Flowers (Live at the Quartier Latin, Berlin)/Nancy and Ronnie (Live at the Quartier Latin, Berlin)

Guns, Love & a Cactus in You Heart
(LP/CD Happy Valley Records - 1989)
Gloryland/Stars on your Jacket/Love on its Knees/Calico Dreams/Cincinatti Blues/The Jungle We Call Home/Providence County/Lucys Song Live/Madmans Dream/Seven Blocks of Home/Dancing Over Texas

Cliff Barnes & The Fear Of Winning
(LP nur DDR, KPM Records - 1989)
Home Movies/Stars on your Jacket/Gloryland/Martha and Billy/Thanks for all the Flowers/Mexico/Ill Heave you up Momma/Dancing Over Texas/Love on its Knees/Allison Mackenzie

Live at the World
(LP/CD Intercord Record Service - 1991)
Mexico/Thanks for all the Flowers/Loud Shirts/Dancing over Texas/Lucys Song/Gloryland/The Jungle We Call Home/Cincinnati Blues/Ill Heave You Up Momma/Allison Mackenzie/No Ones Got an Asshole Like a Cowboy/Tammy Wynette

Three Songs For Weddings & Funerals
(CD Maxi als ILLEGAL ARTISTS, Aus Laute Liebe - 1992/93)
New World (Killing a Kennedy)/Avalanche Drive/The Angel, the Trucker and Me

Songs For Weddings & Funerals
(CD als ILLEGAL ARTISTS, Aus Laute Liebe - 1992/93)
New World (Killing a Kennedy)/Avalanche Drive/Destiny Train/A Minute that Counts/Love Easy? No!/Under the Waves and into your Heart/Aint no Love/Eat Tokyo/Leather Boots/In the Garden/Why do you go Tense?

Merry X-Mas - Im dressed in black
(CD-Single, Ulftone - 2000)
Merry Xmas Im Dressed in Black/I Married a Nymphomaniac/No Ones Got an Asshole Like a Cowboy (New Version)

(CD, Ulftone - 2001)

Produced by Marc Praed and Robert Tijuana
Mixed and Engineered by Marc Praed
Recorded at the Fear Factory, Osnabrueck, Germany
Assisted by Sebastian Ehrlich
Mixed at Temple Studios, Mistra Bay, Malta
Assisted by David Vella
Mastered by Kai Blankenberg at Skyline Studio, Duesseldorf, Germany
Cover Idea: Robert and Marc
Cover Design and Layout: X-Image/Jens Bu
Cover Photos: Manfred Pollert
Web Design: slidetone.de

The Musicians: Robert Tijuana Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Marc Praed Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion and Vocals, Moses "Deko" Pellberg Drums and Vocals, Tom Ivison Bass, Piano and Vocals, Sven "Boogie" Behrens Guitars, Mandolin and Vocals, Julia Chard Vocals, Dr. Marvin Wah-Wah Organ and Piano, The Evilettes Jacqui De Luca, Annette Niermann and Dan Ackmann Vocals

Love and kisses: Dan, Jacqui, Anette, Martina and Barbara, Louis, Mike, Kosta, Lennard, Finn, all at Ulftone - Ulf, Martin, Mario, Andreas, Christoph, Heinz Rebellius, Mike Stewart, Tom Bennett, Fubi, Harry Schuler, Juergen Zimmermann, Kaese, Chris Flemming and the Artland Dragons, Thomas Herrmann, Stephi and Andre, Stephan Hahn, Ben at XtraCycle, Kirk and Paul from Velotechnik, Rick and Samuel at Astro, Philip and Allyne at Sunstar, Louis Jay Meyers, Goldrush, A.S.S., Aussensaiter, Michael Koll

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