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Bob's equipment is a weird list of musical instruments, throat lozenges and writing utensils. He’s playing a Fender Telecaster Sunburst with three pick-ups and a “dream” sticker, a Fernandez Strat copy that he bought because it was black and black jacket compatible, an Ariana acoustic guitar (made in Japan and bought at a flea market) belonging to Dan my girlfriend. I bought it for her as a birthday present knowing she’d never play it!

My old Suzuki acoustic with a picture of Tammy Wynette, the patron saint of country music on the back to ward off evil spirits, is also still there and being used to write new songs. An Arion Stage Tuner, a Fender Bandmaster Reverb with a Marshall box, a MRX compressor and a POD hidden behind the amp. Bob’s got a old 8-track Tascam machine and drum box. And just to spoil the myth, Bob’s even got a keyboard for his computer – don’t mention this to the Style Police!

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