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- Day 2 - 30/06/2001

We met David Vella at 11:00 on the 30th of June. He's the owner of Temple Studios where we are recording. We had heard a lot about him from Moses who made records here with Philip Boa and funny enough he knows Tom (from Instant Karma days) and Julia (from Boa) also. So we got to know each other in the way all musicians do, talk about music and friends. David knows a lot about the German music scene having worked with Philip Boa for a long time, but also Rammstein and Such a Surge recorded here. English bands were Screaming Orphans (produced by Mike Hedges) and Pitchfork, among others. And of course all of Malta's bands go through David's studio sometime.

David took us to the car rental people and we got a Maruti (!) Jeep. It's one of these weird cars that would never be allowed in northern Europe, two people sit in the front and up to six people can sit on the back facing each other, and if you don't hold on tight you will be missing when the jeep gets to it's destination!

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