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- Tried -

i caught the boat, i caught the plane
i saw my friend on a downtown train
i tipped my hat, he punched me hard
i said you caught me a little off-guard
he smiled real slow and shook my hand
and said i knew you'd understand
did you hear that Zappa's dead
and someone went and stole his head
and i thought your goatee looked familiar
but i guess it just looks similar

tried - tried - tried

i've tried love and i've tried pain
and i wear dark glasses in the rain
i never made the football team
and i've never been in a submarine
i saw the sun on a winter's day
and i tried to make you stay
but the light of love shines in your face
and you have to run to win the race
i went left, i went right
and that's the best way to avoid a fight
and if you hear a hard luck story
everyday brings a little glory

tried - tried - tried

sensations creeping up on me
revelations out of history
learn a little, refuse a lot
the letter 'i' should have a dot
a strategy, a new hairstyle
did you see her laugh, or hear her smile?
a rooty toot toot and a wing dang dong
yeah i know this songs too long
but that's just the way i wrote it
be my guest feel free to quote it
i punched i grinned i sneezed i stared
i cried i swore i fought i cared
i punched i grinned i sneezed i stared
i cried i swore i fought i cared

tried - tried - tried

lyrics by Robert Tijuana 2000

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